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Make Your Child More Creative By Boosting His Visual Development

Posted by [email protected] on May 16, 2019 at 4:05 AM

Psychologist as well as a coveted philosopher William James said that the world of vision for infants is a big confusion. In fact as soon as the baby takes birth their vision undergoes rapid developments till the first year. Gray, hazy images and images which are not in focus during the initial weeks start to become defined and perceive color in the following months. The journey of creativity and development of vision starts when these blurred images start becoming clear to the child.

Visual sense plays an important function for growth of the brain during the child's first year. Baby's sense of vision is very important for the development of creativity. It is due to creativity that the newly born baby distinguishes and identifies anything he/she sees. Almost 90 % of the information that enters the brain of humans is visual in nature. To provide adequate visual stimulation is something very significant for the baby's complete mental and physical development in future.

Just born babies may not have coordinated eye movement and therefore may look cross eyed during the beginning months of their birth. However, babies can see closer range that is between 9 inches to 12 inches, in other words the distance between the face of the mother and the new born baby in arms.

Experts believe the new born babies can see and track the object during initial few weeks itself. At the age of 6 months, the vision and creativity system is nearly like an adult in operation. In fact, newborns are able to see about 20/400 subsequently after birth, then 20/40 by the age one. There is improvement in focusing during 2-3 years that eventually reaches 20/20 vision that is considered normal. The most spectacular changes happen in the first 8 months.

New born babies can see dark and light shades but are unable to see all the colors. Differentiating colors are not tuned finely till the age of 3 months. That's why toys for infant stimulation have distinguishable black and white patterns. Such toys have patterns that demonstrate highest contrast that is 100% for the eyes and that's why babies are attracted to them.

Development of vision, creativity and also physical development like jiggling, arms waving, kicking is encouraged by high contrast images. Babies can also identify the shades of gray which is shown by recent studies. At the age of two months, babies can see almost all the faint and difficult to analyze shades which have made our visual world rich and textured.

There is an area in the human brain which is concerned with the recognition of faces; this could be the reason for newborn babies being attracted to human faces. This very act of recognizing which is also specific indicates creative development in the child. This act forms a strong bond between the baby and the mother especially during breast feeding.

When two months old, baby can recognize features of the face like eyes and mouth. When the child is 4 months old, he or she can recognize mother's face from others.

Visual stimulation starts creative development. Therefore, every parent and care giver should show all sorts of colors and different images at early age itself so that child is fully equipped with required skills during the actual stage of creative development which happens between the ages 2-3 years. Creativity is acknowledgment of existing colors and images which is succeeded by improvement in ability to build.

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